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Laura Brennan

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‘Laura Brennan The Voice’ Tribute Documentary broadcasted on Clare FM, 21st March 2022.
Produced by Padraic Flaherty, Clare FM’s Programme Director.

This documentary titled ‘Laura Brennan, The Voice’ looks at Laura’s life from growing up in Ennis, attending St. Flannan’s college, and starting a career in the cosmetic industry.

However, plans were to change when Laura was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2017. Faced with this diagnosis Laura started advocating for the HPV vaccine.

In 2017 the vaccine rate stood at 51% but in the wake of her campaign increased to 80%, while in Clare the rate jumped to over 90%.

Laura’s message was heard all over the world and the World Health Organisation claimed Laura’s work promoting the HPV vaccine helped save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Laura tragically passed away on March 20th, 2019. To mark Laura’s 3rd anniversary, Clare FM will broadcast a special tribute on Monday, March 21st at 11 am.

This documentary has been produced by Clare FM’s Programme Director Padraic Flaherty with support from her family. (Source