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IDEGM-HR-07NameKey Holder Policy
Revision2Approved ByJacqueline Daly
Approved Date01/03/2021Review Date2023

References & Definitions

East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support: EGM
EGM-MA-01 Master List of Policies and Procedures


  • There are responsible for the opening and closing of the building and setting the alarm.
  • A Loss of key must be reported to the manager and noted in the records.
  • Keys must not be loaned out to non-authorised key holders.
  • No member is authorised to create a duplicate set of keys from theirs.
  • When a key holder steps down from a board or support worker or therapist position, their key must be surrendered to the Director of Services.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Street ______________________________________________________________________________________

Town: ______________________________________________________________________________________

County: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Eircode: ___________________________________

Home phone: ____________________________________________________

Mobile Phone: ___________________________________________________

E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

Key(s) Received

Date Key Was Issued ______ / ______ / 20____

  •  Main Office
  •  Back Door
  •  Building 2
  •  Building 3


  • I have signed for my key.
  • When I am scheduled for opening or closing the building I will also be responsible for the alarm.
  • My key will not be loaned out to any other person.
  • I will not get a copy of it for any reason.
  • If I lose this key, I will report it to the Director of Services both verbally as soon as I notice the loss of the key and in writing within one week.
  • If for any reason that I decide to leave the charity, I will surrender my key to the management.

Signature: ______________________________ Date: ______ / ______ / 20____