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IDEGM-CO-01NameRights, Responsibilities & Code of Conduct
Revision4Approved ByJacqueline Daly
Approved Date01/06/2024Review Date2025

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East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support: EGM
EGM-MA-01 Master List of Policies and Procedures


Support Workers Rights

  • To know if, and how, they are being selected
  • To be given meaningful work to do
  • To know what is expected of them
  • To be offered appropriate training
  • To be thanked and have their voluntary contribution recognised
  • To receive supervision and support
  • To get something out of the work for themselves
  • To know who to go to if there is a problem
  • To make mistakes, and learn from them
  • To be made aware of any disciplinary and grievances procedures
  • To be treated fairly and not to experience discrimination
  • To have safe working conditions, including insurance cover
  • To be informed about, and given the opportunity to play a part in, the organisation as a whole
  • To be able to say ‘No’ and to leave without feeling guilty

Therapist & Support Workers Responsibilities

  • To respect the value and aims of the organisation
  • To be committed
  • To be reliable, and give the organisation sufficient warning if unable to turn up
  • To be punctual
  • To attend essential training and support sessions
  • To undertake the work to a high standard
  • To be honest if there are problems
  • To respect confidentiality
  • To leave when asked/or when they are no longer enjoying the volunteering experience
  • No therapist should procure clients from the organisation for their own private practice

East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support’s Rights

  • To look for certain skills and qualities in Support Workers
  • To select only those who are suitable for the work
  • To draw up an agreement or contact for Support Workers and Therapists
  • To ask for tasks to be done in a particular way
  • To ask for commitment
  • To ask for reliability
  • To ask for punctuality
  • To deal with disciplinary and grievance matters
  • To ask Support Workers or Therapists to leave if their involvement hinders the organisation in achieving its goals

East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support’s Responsibilities

  • To ensure the volunteering experience is a rewarding one
  • To ensure equal access and not to discriminate
  • To define clear and meaningful roles for Support Workers and Therapists
  • To have policies and procedures for Support Workers and Therapists
  • To provide all necessary information to Support Workers and Therapists
  • To be available for Support Workers
  • To provide training where necessary
  • To thank and value both Support Workers and Therapists
  • To provide insurance cover
  • To inform Support Workers and Therapists of any legal responsibilities
  • To supervise and provide support
  • To provide a safe working environment

We are committed to the following principles

  • Confidentiality
  • Equality
  • Inclusion
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Being non-judgmental.
  • Being aware of the changing needs of members/clients and responding accordingly.
  • Being aware of one’s limitations and seeking help and support.
  • Respecting the beliefs of others and resist imposing our beliefs on them.
  • Remaining neutral and not promoting outside interests within the service or to members/clients.
  • Ensuring that you do not give advice or answer questions when not qualified to do so.
  • Being open and encouraging to members/clients to express their needs, preferences or wishes and not making hasty assumptions. Employ the principle of “Ask First”.
  • Not undermining the confidence of the members/clients in the medical treatment they receive or health care professional they deal with.
  • Being honorable and transparent in any financial transaction.