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The EVeCanS Study

Our Aim

The aim of the EVeCanS Study is to understand if and/or how the supports (e.g. Counselling, Touch Therapies, Exercise, Information, Entitlement Advice and Transport) offered by East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support are helping cancer patients, their families and friends to live better with cancer

How it will be conducted

If you have used the EGM Cancer Support Services, we would like to hear from you. You can play a part in this important research by completing a short survey. There is a link to both the Patient Survey and the Partner/family member/caregiver on this page.

Taking part is voluntary and your answers are completely confidential. All information will be stored anonymously. You can also withdraw from the study at any time.

I want to get involved

Please click on the appropriate link and begin completing the survey. It will take approximate 15 minutes of your time.

If you are a Cancer Patient either past or present please click the following link to take part in this critical study.

Patient Survey Link (Revoked)

If you are a care giver and/or family member/friend of someone who has/had a cancer diagnosis then please click the following link so we can learn how to better support you in the future.

Non Patient Survey Link (Revoked)

This study has been funded by Breakthrough Cancer Research and is being conducted by University College Cork. It has received ethics approval from the Clinical Research Ethics Committee, University College Cork.