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World Ovarian Cancer Day

4 out of 5 women in Ireland not confident in noticing a symptom of Ovarian Cancer

• New research from the Irish Network of Gynaecological Oncology highlights lack of awareness of symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
• Over 75% of patients present with late-stage disease, partly due to the vagueness of symptoms and the similarity with other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• Thirty of Ireland’s foremost gynaecological cancer campaigners, researchers and patient advocates come together to highlight BEAT – the symptoms of ovarian cancer

GO Relaunch

On the 8th March 2022 we were delighted to have Sharon O’Toole and Yvonne O’Meara present to give a talk on Gynae Oncology Cancers and the new ThisIsGO platform.

The talk was broadcast over Zoom for those who were not able to attend and the speakers gave their permission for it to be recorded.


Ovarian, uterine, cervix and other gynecological cancers are among the most common cancers affecting women, but collectively attract less attention than they deserve from the public and policy makers. Women themselves may be unaware of the sometime vague symptoms or may be too embarrassed to consult a doctor.